Package org.hprog.code

A client-server shared programming whiteboard system.


Interface Summary
InteractiveInterpreter An interactive programming language interpreter
ResultListener Simple listener for completion of an operation that returns a single String

Class Summary
AuthFrame Window used for authentication as a system-wide admin.
ChatFrame Window for IRC-style chat within a session.
CodeApplet Applet that runs the client application in a new window.
CodeApplication The main workhorse class for a client program
CodeFrame Window for viewing and editing shared source files.
CodeProtocol A TCP connection to a client or server.
CodeServer Main class for daemon
CodeSession Shared sessions
CodeThread Network communication thread for a particular client
CodeWindow Window for displaying the client application
InputFile A named source file
InterpFrame A window for controlling an interpreter and/or displaying its output
InterpreterFactory Creates interpreters by loading classes by name based on languages requested
InterpreterLimiter Automatically interrupts an InteractiveInterpreter after a given time-out
LocalInterpFrame Window for controlling a local interpreter
RemoteInterpFrame Window for controlling the shared interpreter
SchemeInterpreter Wrapper for SISC Scheme

Exception Summary

Package org.hprog.code Description

A client-server shared programming whiteboard system. Requires Java 1.3+, as well as util.concurrent.

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